HeuNat:er3 - Expansion of Heuneburg into a Nature Experience World

Recognizing, Exploring, Explaining Nature and Habitat


Alena Stelter, M.Ed., Dr. Simone Fischer, Prof. Dr. Alexander Siegmund


As part of the HeuNat:er3 project, the Heuneburg in Hundersingen is being developed and implemented into a scientific and didactic overall concept for making the natural surroundings of the area more accessible. The developed materials, in the form of an e-learning platform and an on-site climate teaching and learning path, aim to raise awareness of both the ecological challenges of our time in the face of climate change and potential climate protection and adaptation strategies, as well as contribute to sensitizing the population to the importance of natural ecosystems.


In times of climate change, suitable protective measures and the ecological enhancement of (agriculturally used) areas in Germany are increasingly coming into focus. This measure is not only crucial for preserving biodiversity but also plays a significant role in mitigating the impacts of climate change. From urban areas to rural spaces, initiatives for ecological area enhancement, such as the Heuneburg area in the district of Sigmaringen, are gaining importance as they strengthen resilience to the impacts of climate change and contribute to climate protection through carbon sequestration. In the expansion of the Celtic city of Heuneburg into a nature experience world, an ecologically diverse landscape is to be created in place of the previously intensively cultivated arable land, which promotes biodiversity and allows for the implementation of CO2 sink projects.

In this context, Heuneburg, as a significant Celtic settlement from the 6th century BC and the first European city north of the Alps, holds both historical and geographical significance. In addition to the historical focus, the cooperation between the State Castles and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg (SSG) and the Department of Geography - Research Group for Earth Observation (rgeo) at the Heidelberg University of Education focuses on the didactic valorization of the surrounding area (approximately 60 hectares) of Heuneburg as well as on the scientific support, assistance, and expertise regarding ecological area enhancement, especially concerning climate protection.

Through the HeuNat:er3 project, educational offerings in the form of a dedicated e-learning platform and a climate path will be developed and implemented, tailored to different target groups and thematic areas (e.g., humus buildup and storage, regional biodiversity measures, land use changes, etc.). The e-learning platform will be freely available.

The establishment of a suitable innovative geographic didactic overall concept in the form of analog and digital learning tools leads to the constitution of Heuneburg as a "green extracurricular classroom."


The project is funded by the Federal Program "Climate Adaptations in Urban Areas" of the Federal Institute for Building, Urban and Spatial Research (BBSR) as well as by the State Castles and Gardens (SSG) of Baden-Württemberg.

Project Duration: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2026

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